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Here are some PRGC Guidelines, a refresher for long-time members, and a tutorial for those new to our group.

- Entry forms are sent to you monthly via e-mail. Entry forms are also available on our club's website
- The tournament entry deadline is specified on each entry form (usually 10 days prior). If you have to cancel after the deadline, your money will be refunded if the tournament coordinator can find a replacement.
- Your tournament tee time for home tournaments will be available by calling the Pine Ridge Pro Shop on the Wednesday prior to the event. Starting times will also be posted on
- When you arrive to the course on the day of the tournament, please check-in with the tournament coordinator.
- After completing play, scorecards must be signed and posted on the scoreboard, which is usually in the pro shop. Leave the scorecards in a pile next to the scoreboard.
- Refreshments are served in the grill room after most of our tournaments.
- If you place "in the money", your winnings will be mailed to your home. Prizes are usually in the form of BMGC Gift Cards (cannot be used for greens fees - sorry)

- New Rule for 2011.  No going back to tee to re-hit after a lost ball.  Either hit a provisional or drop at the site with two stroke penalty.

- Distance measuring devices are acceptable for tournament play.

- Your name will be entered into the handicap computer in the Pine Ridge Pro Shop
- The club will post your PRGC Tournament Scores, please post your non-tournament scores regardless of where you played. 9-hole scores may be entered. If you need any assistance, the Pro Shop staff will be glad to assist.
- As a new member, you must enter five (5) scores before the end of May to be eligible to play in the Spring Championship
- All club members play from the white tees. If your handicap is based on the forward tees, you will receive an adjustment per USGA Guidelines
- If you have any questions concerning your handicap, you may call handicap chairman.

The board of directors meets on the first Thursday of the month (7:00 PM) at George Treuting's basement in Timonium. All members are welcome to attend. If you have any other questions, please feel free to call Club Vice-President George Treuting (410)-561-9529.



Ties will be broken for the first place and the last place in each flight as follows:  Last Nine Score,  Last Six Score, Last Three Score, then hole-by-hole score if necessary starting with the #1 handicap hole.   When the tiebreaker is used for net prizes, one-half, one-third, one-sixth, or one-18th of the course handicap will be deducted.



Club rules prevent double dipping (meaning a golfer can't win both the low gross and a net prize).  If you're eligible for both a gross and a net prize, you will be awarded the single prize with equal or higher monetary value. 


Click here for a copy of the by-laws