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Any questions should be directed to Bill Gosnell at bjgosnell@gmail.com

Handicap Policy

New Members:  You must have five (5) scores to join Pine Ridge Golf Club and compete for prizes. Upon receipt of  a complete new member application, the Pine Ridge Golf Course manager will either locate an existing or establish a new user account for the applicant on the MSGA website.

Dual Members:  If you are a member of 2 or more clubs, please contact the handicap chairman.  If all of your member clubs belong to the MSGA, we may be able to link them on the MSGA website. With linked clubs, any score entered for any club will automatically be entered into your record(s) for all of your other linked clubs. However, responsibility for posting all scores in all clubs rests with the member.

Establishing and Maintaining Your PRGC Handicap:

Our club is an MSGA sanctioned organization. As such we are committed to following established guidelines for handicap maintenance and obeying the rules of golf in our events. Consequently, members of the club must agree to be responsible for an accurate record of their scores on the MSGA website for all rounds played anywhere during the official handicap tracking season (March 15th through October 15th).

For our club's tournament events the Handicap Chairman will collect official signed scorecards from the Event Coordinator, check them and forward them to the Pine Ridge Golf Course manager for entry into the MSGA handicap system. On the 1st and 15th of each month the MSGA recalculates handicaps and sends email notification to each golfer. Golfers are expected to review their score record and report any discrepancies to the Handicap Chairman for remedial action if they cannot establish an accurate record with the tools available on the website.

Members enter their own scores on the MSGA website for all rounds played outside of club events with two exceptions:

(1) Several days might pass before our tournament scores are entered into the MSGA system. Members who belong to several clubs usually play in many sanctioned tournaments and oftentimes need to have their scores posted sooner than the Pine Ridge Golf Course manager enters them.  When this occurs, the member may enter their PRGC tournament score themselves and later remove any duplicate scores to maintain the accuracy of their personal scoring record.

(2) There are also some events, like our club's Annual Outing, where the Handicap Chairman does not receive the score cards from the host golf pro who runs the tournament. In these instances the players will be asked and expected to enter their score for that event into their handicap record on the MSGA website.

There is a computer station (kiosk) at Pine Ridge Golf Course where you can enter your scores if you have no other means of using the Internet.

If you have any questions or issues with regard to establishing or maintaining your handicap, if you are having difficulty logging into the MSGA website, or, if you need help establishing your profile on the MSGA website, please contact  the Handicap Chairman.

Setting Up New Members at MSGA Website:

At the beginning of each golf season, as we begin our membership drive, we make arrangements with the Pine Ridge Golf Course manager to set up handicap accounts for our new members and to reinstate MSGA accounts for renewing members. Naturally, we utilize the handicap information from the prior season for the renewing members but we have to add the handicap information provided by new members to create a handicap for their new MSGA account.

When the Pine Ridge Golf Course manager has created a new member MSGA account he sends the member an email containing a user name and password. If the new member does not have an email address, a default user name and password will be set up on the MSGA website. The default user name will either be the person's first initial and last name or the first 2 letters of the person's first name plus their last name. The default password is pridge (all lower case).

Please wait 24 hours after you receive email notification before trying to log onto the MSGA website. Once you have logged on you may be asked for additional information to complete your online profile. You may change your password (recommended), but you will have to keep the user name that was set up for you.

If you belong to multiple clubs you can have them linked to your MSGA account so that whenever you enter a score it will be added to all of your clubs. Please contact our Handicap Chairman as indicated above to have the links set up.

When posting your scores, adjust them accordingly based on Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) as follows:

Your Course Handicap

Maximum Score on Any Hole

9 or less

Double bogey

10 through 19


20 through 29


30 through 39


40 or more