Welcome to the picture page.  Enjoy these photos of the members of Pine Ridge Golf Club

Annual Outing - October 16th, 2007

Photos courtesy of Bill Gosnell and Chris Carter, captions below each picture

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Pine Ridge Head Pro Kim Hand and longtime member Don Vahrenkamp

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Joe Crossney and Vice President George Treuting

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Bob Smith practices his putting before the round

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Rick Todd, Ron Solomon, Gerhard Ehlerding

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Chris Drussell (center) sorts out the lunch situation

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"So Ron, how fast do you think these greens are?"

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Joe Crossney tees off with a 3-iron on #16 en route to his 83. 

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Bill Gosnell tees off on #16

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Post-round stories and libation.  Seated front center is Mike Kermisch

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Counter-clockwise from left:  Kin Tsui, Chris Carter, Joe Crossney, Chris Drussell

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Pine Ridge Legends:  Club Champion Andy Peet, President Mike Deagro, Treasurer Rene Rosenthal.

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Left to Right:  Rod Naugle, Past President Randy Smith, Hudson Myers, and Dave Mitchell

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Fall Match Play Flight Champion Ron Swanson, George Treuting, Mike Deagro

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Fall Match Play Flight Champion Don Hicks, George Treuting, Mike Deagro

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Fall Match Play Club Champion Runner-up Brian Cofiell

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Fall Match Play Champion Andy Peet

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Hey, who won THAT award??